Building details

This article briefly introduces the build details of docsite to facilitate a better understanding and use of docsite.

Md document build

In addition to the basic md content, docsite also supports three metadatas, title, keywords, description .

In development, when adding, modifying, or deleting the md document, the corresponding json file will be generated in the corresponding directory. For example, the contents of the /blog/zh-cn/ document are as follows:

title: demo title
keywords: keywords1,keywords2,keywords3
description: some description

## the title

A demo.json file will be generated in /zh-cn/blog/, as follows:

  "title": "title",
  "keywords": "keywords1,keywords2,keywords3",
  "description": "some description",
  "__html": "<h2>the title</h2>",
  "filename": "",

Js, css build

Docsite will build the index.jsx and index.scss files in the first-level folder under the pages directory, and generate the corresponding js and css files in the build directory. The file name is the name of the folder. For example, if a page is pages/custom/index.jsx, pages/custom/index.scss, then the custom.js and custom.css files will be generated in the build directory.

HTML building

The html build mainly generates two types of pages, one is functional page and the other is site page.

  • Functional page

Docsite will generate an index.html file in the root directory based on redirect.ejs, which is used as a redirection when accessing the root directory. It also generates a 404.html for the functionality of custom 404 pages for some static site hosting platforms. When a user visits a page that does not exist, the platform directs the user to 404.html, which in turn jumps to the normal page.

  • Site page

For the site page, docsite generates an HTML page based on template.ejs, which introduces the appropriate static resources. Mainly divided into three types of home page, md page and other pages, now we explain them separately:

  1. Home

Docsite converts index.jsx in the src/pages/home folder to an index.html file, placed in the zh-cn and en-us directories.

  1. Md page

In the documentation page, docsite will generate the corresponding HTML file, combining the md document in docs/zh-cn (or docs/en-us) with src/pages/documentation. For example, if a document is docs/zh-cn/, it will generate zh-cn/docs/demo.html.

In the blog detail page, docsite will generate the corresponding HTML file, combining the md document in blog/zh-cn (or blog/en-us) and src/pages/blogDetail. For example, if a blog is blog/en-us/, it will generate en-us/blog/demo.html.

  1. Other pages

For example, if the jsx file of a page is src/pages/demo/index.jsx, it will generate zh-cn/demo/index.html and en-us/demo/index.html.